All the clients of Arts of Maya who have been eligible under different schemes have experienced 100 percent success in terms of claiming their software development costs, e-Commerce, CRMS, e-procurement systems, SEO, employee training costs, website costs, and more. They were able to achieve them through the various available Grants by the Singapore Government such as PIC, ICV and MRA. PIC in particular is the most popular grant as it is very easy to apply and most companies are eligible under that scheme.

The success of your business starts with managing your website carefully. A website serves as the face of your business, thus, time and attention must be given to it so that your website correctly reflects how you want it to appear to your customers. With Arts of Maya, we are able to provide complete web design solutions and provide you with the catalyst tools to your success.

You can use PIC to claim for corporate and other websites, employee training, and software development costs. If you have not yet tapped on PIC Grant for IT training expenditure or purchases, then this is the perfect time to explore what we can offer you. Take a look at the following details below and learn how to use it for your business or marketing purposes.

The Productivity and Innovation Credit or PIC scheme allows your business to enjoy benefits such as 60 percent cash payout or 400 percent tax allowances. Tax benefits will be available for YAs (Years of Assessment) up to 2018. PIC is designed for investments in employee training and web development under the Employee Training Scheme and Leasing or Acquisition of PIC IT.

The benefits provided by PIC Grant may be received on the capital expenditure which is incurred on website development. This also involves costs incurred for one-time registration process of the site’s domain name. SMEs can also take advantage of substantial tax savings through tax deduction or cash payout whenever they are investing in either employee Training Scheme or Acquisition of Leasing of PIC IT as well as Automation Equipment.

However, the PIC grant has certain qualifying conditions. Most companies in Singapore are able to meet the eligibility conditions.

Do not be worried if you do not know anything about PIC grant or web design. We, Arts of Maya, will be able to assist you with your claims and also provide clear details about both the grant as well as our web design services.

Take advantage of PIC grant for your web design and development today. Let Arts of Maya assist you in capturing the real success that your business deserves. Contact us today and get the solutions you need. We are known for our high quality service and high standards with our web design services.