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Singapore’s Experts in Corporate Website Development

  • website development singaporeDo not miss out on one of the most powerful and most affordable marketing tools available to businesses.
  • Nowadays, most customers go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase.
  • Establish Credibility as a Business and build your brand.
  • Reach worldwide! Cast your net wider and become an international company with easy access to potential markets.
  • It will be much easier for your customers and suppliers to reach you. As well as new opportunities.
  • Edge out your competitors by standing out!
  • With the right marketing tools and content information, your sales and company brand will be guaranteed to grow.
  • It is very very affordable! and cheaper than most other marketing tools.

Why Arts of Maya?

  • Over hundreds of websites done to date with many referrals & repeat development
  • Very attractive pricing. We offer best price guarantee. We will beat any quote by 10%!*
    • Therefore we are guaranteed cheapest!
  • We use Content Management Systems (CMS) -  enabling you to easily update and manage your web contents.
  • Customised video demos will be provided for you to learn how to manage/edit your own website. Video demos are much more effective than 1 to 1 training as you are able to refer to the steps at your own pace and you can refer back to them even after years have passed.
  • Robust and user friendly websites. You can easily scale your website in future to add more features.
  • Replicate any website so you can get exactly what you want with also the modifications that you would like.
  • Responsive Web Design: Customers can access your website, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone easily.
  • Integrate social marketing tools such as facebook, twitter, instagram onto your website.
  • Expert Web Designers - Our specialization is building informative functional websites.
  • Quick Turn Around Time - We can complete your website within 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Pay in Phases - We split the payments into 3 or 4 phases.
    • This allows you to see the progress of your website before you make your next payment (apart from deposit)
    • Website will be built on a sandbox site first so that clients can see the progress of their website.
  • Best Quality Service - We believe in customer satisfaction is key for our company so we strive to meet all our clients needs.
  • Singapore Based Website Designers - All our designers/developers are singapore based. So if you have any questions, they will be able to assist you easily.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search-engine friendly Web pages.
  • Platform Compatibility - Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome & Safari

The importance of having a website for any business

Virtual Sales Force Work 24/7 Save Money Grow Your Audience  Answer Questions
Virtual Salesman to generate leads and increase sales revenue. Studies show that a well designed website with informative content has resulted in greater sales. A business that is online every second of every year. You do not have to actively manage it and be online all the time.  Let your website advertise for you. Cheap renewal cost. Very low maintenance fee. You only have to pay yearly renewal of webhosting and domain. There is no other hidden charges. Access international markets / customers without the need to travel there. Clients / suppliers can search for you online and offer you better deals. This is an excellent platform to inform the world who you are and what you do. You can showcase your products and also inform how visitors can contact you.

website development company singapore

The internet has become the most powerful marketing tools in the modern age, and should be an essential part of any strategy seeking growth for a business. One major reason for this is the ease of which users can find what they are looking for — whether it be through a search engine like Google or Yahoo, looking up reviews on a reputable Singapore directory or seeing what friends recommend on social media. Even if a customer doesn’t want to make a purchase, they will often look online for research purposes.

Website development can also be effective in the way it establishes brand authority for your business. By now, most medium to large businesses have a website, so customers will often assume that you have one too. However, there are still a large number of small businesses with no online presence that are missing out on the fantastic marketing opportunity. If a potential customer sees that you don’t have a website, you may begin to lose credibility when compared to competitors and struggle to secure the sale.

In addition to credibility, you can also put yourself on a level playing field with larger competitors. When customers search for services online, there is less emphasis placed on the size of the business and more placed on the quality of content. If you use the right strategies, there is no reason that you can’t rank higher than big companies in Google search results.

Money is one of the major reasons that many small businesses still operate without a website. However, you might be surprised that going online doesn’t have to break the bank. Even if you are on a tight budget, a simple website with clear and concise information is all you need to provide a valuable boost to your marketing campaign.

To find out more about our website development in Singapore, get in touch with us today.


website development singapore

Website Features (non-exhaustive list)

website features singaporeThe following are features that are popular with customers and can be included in the website. This is a non-exhaustive list. Speak to us on the features that you would like to implement on your website.

Adding / Editing / Deleting / Formatting of Articles / Pages / Testimonials / Menus
Fixing websites: Coding / Errors / Viruses / Hacks / Plugins / Modules/ Broken Links
Adding new functions (Appointment or Facilities Booking App, Forums, Membership Sites, Classified Ads etc.
Suffering from slow Loading Websites? Let Us Fix It
Create Forms to collect information / orders /Polls/ Surveys etc. Can incl Paypal / Pymt
Adding / editing of images / royalty free images / graphic design / banners/ video creation & marketing
Adding an e-shop / ecommerce to your existing website
Integration of Social Network Modules to your Website : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc
Social Marketing: Facebook Likes, Youtube Views, Likes, Shares, Reviews
Create a PDF Catalogue / Display Certificates / Showcase of Events
Changing existing website platform from HTML or other CMS platforms to preferred CMS
Email: Configurations / Additions/ Outlook / Backups / Deletions
Updating or Installing Plugins / Modules / Themes / Templates
Advertising on other platforms: classifieds, gumtree, craigslist, ebay sg, and other business portals
Implementation of security features - backups / restore/ sql protection

Don't worry if the service you require is not on the list. We offer all kinds of web maintenance in Singapore, so just call or email us at with your requirements and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.


Graphic Designs

Graphic Design Specialists - We are experts in all things photoshop.

Graphic Designs Singapore CompanyCreate the following with us:

  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Headers
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Facebook Ads / Cover
  • Infographics
  • Photoshop Editing
  • Any type of Graphic Design


Royalty Free Images

copyrightDo you need beautiful images for your website. Select from our huge range of royalty free images without needing to pay royalties or license fees for each use.

Our promo price of only $1.50 per image. Min 5 images. This is a promotional price and may increase anytime. Grab it before it increases.

Full HD, High Quality, High Resolution. Graphic Design Images for every industry.

For your website, blog, project, content, book, banner web banners & headers, advertisements (flyers, brochures, posters),  presentations, book covers/pages, CD covers, smart phone applications, etc. All things graphic design.

Video Animation

Create amazing video animations with us.

We provide the following:

  • Video Intros
  • Commercials
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Royalty Free Background Music
  • Voiceovers (Choose from Asian, American, European, Female, male etc)
  • Your preferred background color
  • 720p HD Resolution
  • Video in your preferred format

Discuss with us your requirements.

Website Maintenance and Tuning in Singapore

We’ll help your business stay efficient and productive.

  • website maintenance singaporeDo you have an existing website that you would like to enhance?
  • Do you require website maintenance for your site?
  • Are you wasting precious time trying to update or fix errors on your website?
  • Do you want your website to be updated with fresh content and be error-free (broken links etc.) to achieve a high position with search engines?
  • Does your website need routine updates so that you can keep your customers/clients well informed about your latest products or business?
  • Do you want to tune your website to provide additional functions ? – Forums, image rotators, banners, gallery & much more.
  • Do you want to market your business/ products on different avenues – Social networks, classifieds, ebay etc?

Then your search stops here! We are one of Singapore's leading website maintenance companies.

How Does It Work?
How Much?
Time Taken To Update?
List of Services
Get Started

To get started, email us at or call our salesline at 6406 6571.

Web Hosting - Why Choose Us & How we are different from the rest!

CMS Installation

Leave the technical worries to us

Install CMS for you

Advise us the CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop etc.) to install and we will do the necessary.

Free Template

Premium wordpress template for free.

Huge Range of PremiumTemplate Designs

Choose from our 100+ templates, which template you would like installed.

Faster Loading Websites

Because Speed Matters

Load your website faster

Fast disks in a RAID-10 setup, Nginx web server, undercrowded servers, top datacenters with excellent network connections.

Huge Diskspace

Large website?, no problem!

Huge Diskspace

We allocate 10GB of space for each of our basic signups. That's double the space that other singapore webhosts provide. 

Instant Activation

Activate in 30 minutes.

Instant Account Activation

We can activate your website with your preferred CMS and selected template within 30 minutes so that you can get started asap.

Email Hosting

Tons of Free Bonus Features

Tons of Email Hosting Features

Anti Virus Protection, Spam Filtering, Auto Forwarding of Emails, and many more.

Web Hosting Services - More Personalized than Others. We manage your account personally.

  • web hosting company singaporeWe will do the CMS Installation for you. No other web hosting providers does this type of personal service.
    • After setting up your preferred CMS, we will email you the backend login details.
  • Free Premium Template For Wordpress
    • These premium templates alone are worth $80 in value. Get it for free.
  • Choose from servers located in Singapore, US or Europe.
  • Latest version of tools and webapps installed.
  • Monitoring & Full Backup of websites & database done every 3 days.
  • In the event, you would like to restore an old website, up to 2 wks ago, we would be able to restore for you for a small fee of $30.
  • Instant account activation. Activation of your website with cms installed will take less than 30 minutes.
  • Reliable Web hosting with 100% uptime commitment.
  • No restrictions: We use Linux Web hosting which is very compatible with most plugins etc and does not have strict restrictions like Windows Web hosting.


Package Basic Advanced
Instant Account Activation Yes Yes
Domains 1 2
Disk Space 10GB 20GB
Email Accounts 10 20
FTP Users 1 1
SQL 1 2
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Alias Yes Yes
Mail Forwarding Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Protection Yes Yes
Spam Filtering Yes Yes
24 x 7 Customer Support Yes Yes
Pricing (Monthly)
Pricing (Per Year) S$120.00  S$180

Website Features (non-exhaustive list)

website features singaporeThe following are features that are popular with customers and can be included in the website. This is a non-exhaustive list. Speak to us on the features that you would like to implement on your website.

Adding / Editing / Deleting / Formatting of Articles / Pages / Testimonials / Menus

Fixing websites: Coding / Errors / Viruses / Hacks / Plugins / Modules/ Broken Links

Adding new functions (Appointment or Facilities Booking App, Forums, Membership Sites, Classified Ads etc.

Suffering from slow Loading Websites? Let Us Fix It

Create Forms to collect information / orders /Polls/ Surveys etc. Can incl Paypal / Pymt

Adding / editing of images / royalty free images / graphic design / banners/ video creation & marketing

Adding an e-shop / ecommerce to your existing website

Integration of Social Network Modules to your Website : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Social Marketing: Facebook Likes, Youtube Views, Likes, Shares, Reviews

Create a PDF Catalogue / Display Certificates / Showcase of Events

Changing existing website platform from HTML or other CMS platforms to preferred CMS

Email: Configurations / Additions/ Outlook / Backups / Deletions

Updating or Installing Plugins / Modules / Themes / Templates

Advertising on other platforms: classifieds, gumtree, craigslist, ebay sg, and other business portals

Implementation of security features - backups / restore/ sql protection

Don't worry if the service you require is not on the list. We offer all kinds of web maintenance in Singapore, so just call or email us at with your requirements and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.


Website Custom Development Singapore

Website Custom Development  Singapore - The Way You Want It

One of the major big pluses of using CMS is its scalability. You can introduce many more functions to your website even at a later time and make your website be more interactive and informative. There are so many features and apps that you can introduce to your website to make it more powerful and profitable for you. Our custom development service guarantees that your website functions exactly the way you want it.

A short rundown of the features/apps that we can integrate to your site:

  • Shopping Cart with all the e-commerce features such as order/auto email/invoice generation, payment gateway  etc.
  • Paid membership sites - From basic single-level membership sites to sophisticated more complex memberships.
  • Booking Apps - Appointments for services, booking of facilities, ticket booking etc.
  • Private  Messaging - Let your users chat one on one and share files safely on your site.
  • Online Courses  - Creating, managing and selling online courses
  • Job Boards - Detailed listings, expert profiles ratings and more.
  • Facebook Integration and mirrored social sharing on both facebook and your website.
  • Display ads throughout your site's post and customize where and how often they appear.
  • Events Booking - Create and manage events with incredible power and flexibility
  • Fundraising - Collect donations, crowdfund or kickstart your projects
  • Live Chat Plugin
  • E-Newsletter - Send professional email newsletter and manage subscribers
  • SEO - Bring more traffic to your site with the best SEO
  • Google Maps - Easily embed, customise and display google maps
  • Pay Per View - Sell individual articles or media content for a one time payment
  • Forums - Get people connected and make your site more interactive with its users.
  • Subscribe by Email - Allow readers to be automatically notified when you post new content
  • Classified Ads - Transform your site into a selling machine by adding a classifieds section
  • User reports - Report all analytics and activity of users
  • Custom Google Search - Add google search bar in your website
  • Menus - Create a menu booking app or display your menu
  • Themes - Change themes and look of your website and give a fresh look to your visitors
  • Communities - Create internal communities with discussion boards, user lists, dashboards etc.
  • Email Marketing - Mailchimp integration : Bring simple subscribe forms and automated user syncing.
  • Support System - Set up an awesome support ticket system complete with FAQ

The above list is non-exhaustive. If you do not see the function you need on the above list, do not worry. We are experts in custom development of websites. Contact us with your requirements.

Custom Management System Software


Our Custom Management System Software was built in mind to fit the needs and requirements for each business type. All the functions can be customised to fit all your companies requirements. Our system gives you complete control to manage your entire business and greatly improve your productivity at a click of a few buttons.

Our Custom Management System Software consists of the following software:

  • Customer Relationship Management System Software
  • Inventory and Stock Management System Software
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Invoice Generation Software
  • Booking System Software - Appointment, Rentals, Services etc.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Software

Our CRM system is packed with powerful features which can greatly boost your company sales and also able to help you identify what are the best marketing techniques and understand your customers’ preference better. You can not only gather vital information on what are the best selling products but you can also eliminate carrying the products that are not popular with your customers and brings down your store’s attractiveness. 


Our powerful CRM system software can handle your customers’ full details including their address, records of all their purchases, their shopping patterns etc. Our system has the capacity to store thousands of customers details.

Import & Export

Filter through your customers as you like and quickly export them into a CSV File. You can filter base on sales status, products etc.

Customer Notes - Calls & Emails Log

Calls and Emails can be logged to easily manage your customers and so that all your staff would be able to note the latest activity of conversations between your customer.  And staff.

Track & Send Emails

Send email individually or in bulk to customers, and then track the emails that are sent using the Activity Page.


Create dynamic and static groups out of your customers for easy customer management and analysis. Dynamic groups can be created based on spending rules, order dates and other attributes

Email Lists

Create email lists easily for marketing and advertising purposes. Our system is able to integrate with MailChimp.

Financial Activity

View financial activity of customers at a glance. View their total spent, total number of orders and when the last time they made a purchase at your store.


Inventory and Stock Management System Software

Our Inventory and Stock Management System Software will help you have full control of your inventory so that you can easily find out within minutes the stock quantity that you have for each product and also to be notified of your low stock products so that you can quickly order them before they are out of stock thereby losing potential customer sales. You can also use this system to find out which products you are holding a lot of stock for so that you can better manage your inventory and storage by not over ordering on products that you already have a lot of.


Our powerful Inventory & Stock Management system software greatly helps in managing inventory when carrying a physical product is an excellent idea to ensure that you do not oversell more product than you have in inventory.

Filter products easily

You can filter products by type, category, stock manage or stock status.

Import & Export

Easily update stock quantity using CSV. You can also download all your products’ stock details into a CSV file for easy reference.


You can also set backorder status option. his This option will determine if customers will be able to purchase an item if it is out of inventory.

Be Notified by low count of stock

If a product’s stock quantity is below a marked threshold, an auto generated email will be sent to the admin to notify them of the low stock quantity. This enables you to take action and stock up on popular products quickly so that you do not end up losing potential sales due to out of order. Low stock indicator to allow you to know straight away what is in low stock to take immediate action.

Easy Stock Management

Allows your staff to manage stock for products and their variables from one screen. Allows to update your stock inventory and variants sizes very quickly, displaying everything within one screen

Live update

Adjust your stock for any of the products (including variants), so your current stock is adjusted without effecting the inventory even if the users are purchasing the item and going through checkout already


Online Payment Gateway

It is important to arm your online store with a reliable payment system so that your customers do not face any issues with not being able to complete their purchase. Also it is extremely important to protect your clients’ confidential payment data so that it is not compromised by hackers etc. It is essential to have payment support for every customer who buy from you. Having a complete information about your customers where they are originated is beneficial in success of the products, services you are selling. We integrate Paypal payment system with our online system.


Add PayPal as a payment option to any checkout with Express Checkout. Express Checkout offers the ease of convenience and security of PayPal, can be set up in minutes and can turn more shoppers into buyers.

Major Credit Cards

Accepts all major credit cards – including Mastercard, Visa, Diners, American express etc.


Paypal does not share your full financial info. And PayPal Purchase Protection covers your eligible purchases.

Faster Checkout

Customers can bypass guest checkout pages to avoid entering billing and shipping information.

No Setup fees

Get started quickly with no setup fees

PayPal Express Checkout is integrated with most major shopping carts. Plus, you only start paying when you start receiving payments.

Low Fees

Paypal normally charges around 4% of the whole transaction cost + 0.50.

Quick Checkout

By allowing your customers to make paypal payment under checkout, you do not have to wait for them to deposit into their bank account and some customers may be putoff if the only option is through internet banking thereby increasing the number of steps for them to complete a purchase. Some customers may end up changing their minds. Its better and faster to lock the sale in by integrating paypal into the checkout process. 


Invoice Generation System Software

Invoicing can be time consuming. Well, not anymore! Our Invoice Generation System Software automates the invoicing process by generating PDF Invoices instantly and sending it to your customers. Both your staff and your customer will be notified by emails of any purchases as soon as they are made online.


Our Invoice Generation System software allows you to easily print invoices, single order packing lists, and multi-order pick lists for orders right from the orders listing page. You can print individual orders, or bulk print invoices, packing, or pick lists with a couple clicks. This is a very useful timesaver to help you package and ship orders, and it lets you include invoices with policies in your shipments.

Order Numbering

Order numbering or built-in sequential invoice numbering. Makes it easier for your company to manage the invoices.

Stores data copy of the invoices

Incase your customer would like another copy of the invoice, you can instantly check on your backend and regenerate and resend PDF invoices to customer

Personalised Invoice with Delivery Notes

You can print out invoices and delivery notes for the orders. You can also edit the Company/Shop name, Company/Shop postal address and also add personal notes, conditions/policies (like a refund policy) and a footer imprint.

Bulk print invoices based on filtered dates

Bulk print invoices and delivery notes


Booking System Software - Appointment, Rentals, Services etc.

Create and manage your appointments and reservations online with our booking system software. Schedule an appointment and book for a haircut, massage, accommodation, events, fitness, lesson, meeting, parking, rental, taxi, teacher, tickets and hundreds of other services. Whether you’re running a real estate agency, car rental, hotel… our booking system software is the ideal solution for your business.


Bookings are recorded in your backend. Manage each booking as an order where you can send invoices for unpaid bookings, approve or deny a booking or simply view the entire record. Separate view of bookings shown as they are made with full details of who made them along with any custom form fields data and extras included during booking. Additionally calendar view of bookings is also included.

Backend Bookings Creationg

Create bookings from your backend and send these out to your customers.

Unlimited booking projects.

Each project has it’s own unique options that make up a booking calendar, which you can add on any page or post so that your customers can book online

Unlimited service providers.

A service provider can manage their booking project in your backend. Each service provider can additionally sync bookings (one-way) to their google calendar profile.

Analysis / Quick Overview

Stats page for a quick overview of your bookings and summary information. Service providers too get a stats page to view summary data on a project they manage.

Confirm bookings

Automatically confirm bookings as they are made or manually confirm bookings one at a time. Your customer will be notified when a booking is confirmed.what is in low stock to take immediate action.

Calendar View

Control how your calendar functions by selecting a calendar mode: Popup, Inline, Range or Nextday checkout or Events.

Quantity elements

Quantity elements allow you to allow customers chose a quantities that have varying costs. Quantity can also be finite i.e. as a quantity is selected, it will get deducted from the total quantity you have setup for a day, time slot or entire booking period.

Each software will be further customised to fit your business needs as not all the above software in the package may be applicable to your business. Video demos on how to manage your system will be provided plus a One to One 1hour personal coaching session with our staff at your preferred location. Manuals will also be provided for each of the systems so that you can easily refer to the system that you would like more guidance on.

Don't be an easy target. Website Security is Our Job!

One of the biggest issues with CMS is that it is susceptible to virus and hackers attack. Many website companies fail to provide even the most basic protection for their clients website and confidential data, therefore making themselves very vulnerable to attacks. It is critical to make sure that your website is safe from viruses otherwise it would be a big blow to your company's reputation. Engage us to fool proof your site from such attacks.

We will implement strong website security features to protect both your database as well as all other data.

Our services also include doing full backups including the database of your website into a cloud server, dropbox or disk for you to store.

Website security singaporeA rundown of the security services we provide:

  • Backup & store full copy of website on an external server. (Cloud, Dropbox or Disk)
  • Restoring of website from backup.
  • Clean & Secure Hacked Website
  • Test security of website for vulnerabilities
  • Secure Website with rock solid security measures
  • Securely install New CMS Site
  • Secure your website from spammers etc.

Let us know the type of website security you require.

We are experts in website security protection.

Investing in organic SEO is more important now than ever before.

Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing; it remains one of the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence. Our SEO services can help your website appear in Google's search result's top pages for the product or service you offer when your client types in the relevant product or service keyword. In Addition, our web analytic services helps you analyze, track,  and optimize your website.


Why Choose Us? Arts of Maya edge's over others.

  1. SEO Singapore CompanyThe SEO work we do will be targeted for your country's market. The content generated are written by native English Speakers and will be SEO optimised.
  2. With the SEO injection, it is guaranteed that your rankings will increase every month for your chosen keyword or we will provide 50% money back to you!
  3. We track the rankings of our customers constantly. So we know which methods are getting black marked by google. We keep updating our SEO methods in line with Google's constantly changing SEO keyword results calculations.
  4. This service is a completely white hat approach to gaining solid rankings that you can rely on. It is safe, relevant, powerful and affordable.
  5. An indepth SEO report that will do the following: Page Load Speed Test , Title Tag Analysis , Description Analysis, Keyword Frequency & Consistency Analysis, Images Analysis, Headings Analysis, Copy Analysis, Social Media Analysis, Mobile Site Analysis, Backlink Analysis (Page & Domain), Competitor Seo Analysis (Spy On Your Competitors!) ... And Much, Much More!

Our Service Package

SEO Services Bronze Silver Gold
No. of Keywords 10 15 30
Pre SEO Analysis and Review
Site Audit
Killer Keyword Analysis
Desktop Load Speeds
Pre Web Analysis SEO Report
Duplicate Content Check
Competitor analysis
Internal Site Problems analysis
Validation Problems
Site Performance Analysis
Action plan to rank your site
Website Optimization
Content Optimization
Title Tags Optimization
Meta Description Optimization
Robots.txt file creation
Keyword Density Analysis
Image Alt Tags
H1 Tags - Header Tags Optimization
Permalinks Optimization
RSS feed optimization
Disabling duplicate content risk
Ping services list
Effective title structure
Compelling Meta tags & OpenGraph tags
Automatic XML & HTML Sitemaps
Canonical link
Scheme Mark Ups
Head section cleanup
Other useful meta data
Removing stop words from URLs
Google's knowledge graph
Search in Sitelinks
Anchor Text Optimization
External SEO Optimization
Search Engine Submission (google, yahoo, bing and ask)
SEO Optimized Articles
Web 2.0
Social Bookmarks
Social Network Links
SEO Optimized Articles
Forum Profiles
Blog Post
Natural mix of no and do follow, anchored and brand links
Free unique content
2nd tier backlinks for better indexation
Pinging and Indexing
Contextual Wiki Links
High Quality Links
Multiple Link Tiers
Natural Link Structure
Relevant and Related Content
Link Diversification
Drip Feed
High Quality PR Domains
Premium Indexing Service
Press Release: 1PR9, 3PR8, 2PR7 and 3PR6
Detailed Report
Rss Feeds
Social Media Optimization
Online Brand Reputation Management
Social Profile Creations (Facebook etc.) 
Facebook Fans
Real Traffic / Reviews
Clients Monthly Report
Google Analytics Traffic Report 
Search Engine Rank Report 
Monthly Link Building Report
Monthly Subscription Cost (This is a limited Time Promo Price. Book before its gone!)







Min. Duration 6 months 6 months 6 months
Enquire With Us Today at 6406 6571
SEO Bronze SEO Silver SEO Gold

SEO Guarantees

  • 10% of your keywords/phrases will be in Page 1 of Google ranking in 3 months
  • 30% of your keywords/phrases will be in Page 1 of Google ranking in 6 months
  • 60% of your keywords/phrases will be in Page 1 of Google ranking in 12 months.

Should we not meet our target we will work for free until we do!

World class reporting system will be provided to our clients to monitor their campaign closely.

Important Notes:

  • We only accept up to 3 companies of the same industry (Subscribed Companies)
  • The rankings are based on national focus - Google Singapore
  • Payments are to be made on a quarterly basis in line with the set guarantees.
  • No setup fees or hidden costs
  • Online strategies to convert traffic
  • Conversion analysis to boost your sales
  • 24/7 reporting to track your campaign progressively.

Arts of Maya: Complete Company Website Packages

We offer complete company website package solutions. This will be especially useful for new companies/ startups who want to make a mark on the internet and get noticed online as soon as possible. With the right strategic plan executed well, your brand and products will be more recognized with the increased online traffic and play a major role in boosting sales. Trust us, it will be much more valuable to you to invest in this 1 time cost then having to pay monthly rent, wages etc.  There are also many Singapore Govt Grants that you can use to subsidize this cost to up to 70% or even free in some cases! We offer free consultation on which govt grant would be most suitable to you based on the eligibility criteria of the grant as well as your needs.

This is a business opportunity that should not be missed! In this day and age and with this kind of competitive and connected market, it is absolutely integral for companies, at the very least, to have a corporate website. But that's frankly not enough. You need to invest on your corporate website so that it comes out on top for google rankings for your chosen keywords and the content on your corporate website should be informative and what your customers seek. Staying connected through social media and various other marketing campaigns are also key strategic tools to your success.

Please note that the following listed prices are promotional prices and are subject to change without notice.

The following package is suitable for companies who have products they would like to showcase online.

Co. E-Commerce Package A - $6000.00
Marketing Action Plan
Online Business Registration
All the standard ecommerce features
Up to 250 products will be added by us. You will be taught how to add the rest.
20 page company website package
SEO Bronze Package
Namecard & Business Letterhead Design
Logo Design
30 Royalty Free Pictures
1 Self -Ink Business Stamp - 5 types
2 Sided Full Color - 310gsm - 200 cards
Facebook Account Creation & Advertising
Website completed within 3 weeks
2.5 Hour Personal Training Session
Customised Video Demos
1 month web maintenance
PIC / ICV Claimable


This package consists of all services that a startup may require. From logo creation, namecards to ecommerce website to seo keywords.

The following package is suitable for service providers. The main focus of this package is on online marketing.

Company Website Package  Gold B - $6000.00
Marketing Action Plan
Online Business Registration
Up to 30 page company website
One Email Marketing Campaign. Compliant with PDPA.
Classified Ads Listing
SEO Silver Package
Namecard & Business Letterhead Design
Logo Design
30 Royalty Free Pictures
1 Self -Ink Business Stamp - 5 types
2 Sided Full Color - 310gsm - 200 cards
Facebook Account Creation & Advertising
Website completed within 2 weeks
2.5 Hour Personal Training Session
Customised Video Demos
1 month web maintenance
PIC Claimable


This package consists of all services that a startup may require. From logo creation, namecards to  company website packages to seo keywords to email marketing campaigns.

The following package is suitable for companies who would like to customize the package and services they require.

Company Customised Package C
Marketing Action Plan
SEO & Email Marketing
Customised Feature Rich Corporate Website with Functions
Clients can choose what they require and we will customize a quote based on the requirements.
PIC / ICV Claimable


company website packages singapore

corporate website seo

This package is customised to meet the demands of the client. The quote will be based fully on the requirements on the project.

A complete action plan strategy from the start to the end.

This is where we will brainstorm the best strategies to take your online business to where it should be.  We will discuss on how we will be executing the action plan and what will be the best marketing strategies for your company.

company website


Website Design Experts who Build Amazing Websites

We can build any type of corporate website design using content management system so that you can easily edit the articles content in future. The layouts we provide for your corporate website is flexible and you can change around the look easily in future.

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your content
  • Scalable websites: add any functions you may need easily in future

corporate website strategies

Engage Us for Your Website Needs Now! See Details Below!

Not only get an amazing looking functional website. Let it work for you. Build a powerful marketing machine with us.
singapore arts of maya

corporate website design packages

Over 300 Businesses Choose Arts of Maya!

We are experts in what we do. We have grown exponentially over these years and built an indepth knowledge on all the must dos and mustn't dos when it comes to web.  Alot of web companies are doing SEO the wrong way. They are using black hat methods which may work in the short term but will probably affect you badly in rankings in the long term whenever google updates their SEO rankings algorithmic system.  100% of the work is done manually by our SEO specialist team. We do not use software that Google will penalise you for in the long term.

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your content
  • Guaranteed First 3 Pages for Selected Keywords.

Contact Arts of Maya Now!

Create an E-Commerce Website in Singapore

Let us turn transform your website and boost sales with the many features packed into our E-Commerce Package.

Some Of The Many Features Included In Our E-Commerce Package

  • Order Management

  • Catalogue / Product Mgmt

  • Sale Discount Features

  • Coupon Specials Campaigns

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Various Payment Gateways

  • Varied Shipping Options

  • Cust. Relationship Mgmt (CRM)

  • Inventory Management

  • E-Commerce Design Integration

  • Configure Tax Settings (If applicable)

  • Multi Currency Conversion

  • Rock Solid Security Integration

  • Shopping Cart

  • Checkout with guest account option

  • FAQs Section

  • Content Mgmt System (CMS)

  • Built In Analystics System

  • Multiple Images / Zooming

  • Wishlist Options

  • Email Notifier / Invoice Generator

  • Inventory Management

  • Share Buttons / Social Integration

  • Optimized For Speed & SEO

Full Design Integration for Your E-Commerce Website

Need an online shop? No problem, Arts of Maya will assist to integrate e-commerce and turn your website into a powerful selling machine with all features from order collections, payment gateways, CRM & much, much more to your existing website. Let your e-commerce website be both a selling machine as well as an information gateway for your business. You can run other features / functions on other pages of your website making it both informative as well as interactive.

ecommerce website singapore

Why Its Integral to Put Your Business Online?

ecommerce website packages

Recover Lost Sales

You are missing out on so much sales opportunities without having your brand online.  Your online competitors are capturing your share of the market and taking away your customers without being physically present.

ecommerce website company singapore

Low Start Up Cost

The monthly rent starts from 1000s for a 5sqm shop. The renovation costs, opportunity costs and the wages to pay just for a person to be present at the shop even with no walk-ins. Remove these monthly incurring costs with an online shop.

ecommerce website solutions

Work from home

Alot of our clients especially women are able to enjoy great bonding time with their children whilst running a successful business online. They work at their own pace and time and are also able to earn good income with the right marketing techniques.

ecommerce grant singapore

Global Market

Reach customers based overseas. Grow your brand internationally and grab your overseas share. It will also be a great avenue for potential markets for distributors, suppliers, manufacturers who may be of great value to your business.

pic and icv ecommerce grants

PIC / ICV / MRA Grant

The SG government recognizes that online is the way to go and to encourage businesses to get online and vie internationally, businesses are offered an e-commerce grant in Singapore for huge savings to reduce the cost of investing on an online platform. Grab it before it is gone.

ecommerce company singapore

24 Hour Virtual Shop

Your customers can shop online 24/7. Enjoy your weekends and time with family without the hassles of having the need to be physically present to manage the shop. Customers will also enjoy it as they are able to browse at their own pace.

online ecommerce website

Brand /Sales Growth

Even if you have a physical store, it is critical to be online. Customers leaving good reviews will entice others to trust in your product and build your sales. Word of mouth from strangers has never been stronger. Stay connected.

ecommerce singapore

Customer Database / Loyalty

You will not only capture the details of your customers and their preference but whenever there is a new product launch, you can broadcast it to all your existing customers in a flash. Retain their patronage with loyalty coupons and keep increasing your sales!

ecommerce grant company

Sales / Product Analytics

Track your sales growth as well as movement of your products. Find out with a few clicks how your products are faring and which are slow moving. This seamless integration will make your company not only a success but make it easy to run your business efficiently.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements at or call 6406 6571

  Ecommerce Titanium Package Co. ECommerce Package A
Includes all the above e-commerce features ecommerce website ecommerce website 
Up to 20 Page Website ecommerce website singapore ecommerce website services 
Free 1 Year Webhosting.
($120 per yr afterwhish)
singapore ecommerce website  ecommerce website
Free 1 Year Domain Name ecommerce website  ecommerce website
30 Free Royalty Free Images ecommerce website ecommerce website 
Free Logo Design (Choose from 3 options) ecommerce website ecommerce website in singapore
Customized Video Demos ecommerce website  ecommerce website 
Personal Training Session ecommerce website company singapore ecommerce website agency 
1 month free web maintenance ecommerce website  ecommerce website agency singapore 
Social Accounts Integration ecommerce website  ecommerce website 
Free 5 Homepage Banners ecommerce website  ecommerce website 
Govt Grant Available ecommerce website  ecommerce website
SEO Package  - ecommerce website 
Any Additionals - Please see following link -



Make an enquiry

Take the first step and get in touch to discover how we can transform your website into something special. You may even be eligible for an e-commerce grant in Singapore from the government, so contact us to find out more today!


Singapore web design company, Arts of Maya, offers the best pricing for your website with their best price guarantee policy. We beat all other price quotes from all other web design companies. Even with our low prices, we offer top quality work and service as demonstrated by our portfolio and customer testimonials. Don't miss out on our promo prices. Lock in before it is revised. Simple 1 -3 page website packages start from only $400 with free 1 year webhosting. Call us with your requirements and we will quote you accordingly.

Why we are one of the best web design companies in Singapore?:

  • Best Price Guarantee Policy (Making us the cheapest website design company in all of Singapore)
  • Experienced Team of Web Design, Graphic and SEO Experts each armed with a minimum 6 years experience
  • Auto Responsive, bug free websites tailored to auto fit the device you use. Be it desktop, ipads, tablets or mobile. Give your visitors the best optimum viewing depending on the device that they are using.
  • Security Enforced - We implement strong measures to prevent hackers, malware, virus to infect your site.
  • We can replicate any design that you like of other websites. That's how good we are.
  • Completion of websites depending on complexities will take from 1 week to 4 weeks. 
    1. 5 - 10 page websites can be easily done within 2 weeks upon receipt of all content, images (if have) and other info etc.
    2. If you require a website to be done as soon as possible within 1-3 days, it will also be possible but will be charged at a higher premium.
    3. We never compromise on the quality of the work. We pride ourselves on our quality and speed as our company motto is "Excellence with Urgency!"
  • We design user-friendly websites for both the front-end so that both visitors to your website and admin will be able to navigate themselves easily. We make it an enjoyable experience.
  • The websites we build are scalable which means that you can add many more features even ecommerce, payment gateways etc easily in future.

If you just require us to install a CMS system for you on your website as well as install one of our premium templates on the CMS whilst you will do the rest, you could opt for our special webhosting package.

*please note that the price indicated for our special webhosting package is a promo price so lock in before it increases.

The Value You Get*
Web 2.0 Design
Free 1 Yr Web Hosting
Free 1 Yr Domain ‘.com’ Hosting
Free 1 Yr Email Hosting (Up to 10 email accounts)
Content Management System (CMS)
Choice of Premium Templates (Over 100 Designs)
Auto Responsive
Quick Delivery Time
Fast Loading Website (Light & Quick)
User Friendly Navigation
Compatible across all internet platforms (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
Free Graphics / Banner Design
Image Gallery
Royalty Free Images
Contact & Other Forms
Booking Forms (If App)
Customized Animation Videos / Promotional Videos
Embed Youtube or Other Type of Videos
Tables / Tabs / Accordions / Buttons / Carousel / Boxes
PDF Catalog / Resource Centre
Testimonials / Customer Reviews
Google Maps
Convert Files
Chat rooms / live chat / faq section etc.
Social Media Integration to Website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)
Forums / Classified Sites / Events Management and other customised applications or functions
Scalable. More features like e-commerce, forums, etc can be added in future.
Multi-lingual websites. Option to use write up of different languages or choose translation tool.
Translation / Transcripts
Events Calendar
News & Articles
SEO / Keywords Research
Logo Design
Photoshop Editing
Video Voiceovers
Website Content Writing for Articles – SEO Optimised Articles
Payment Gateways (Credit Cards, Paypal)
Search Engine Optimization (Meta-tags)
Photography Services
Strong Security Measures Implementation
Prevent Right Click or Copying of images / Content etc.
Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter Likes, Fans etc.)
Basic Search Engine (Google, Bing Yahoo) Directory Index Submission
Website Statistics (Analytics Integration)
Customized Video Training Demos
One on One Personal Training
For E-Commerce Projects, the following will also be included
Customer Registration (Both Automatic & Manual Options)
Inventory Management System
Product Management System
Invoice Generation System
Payment Gateways - Paypal, credit cards, account transfer, internet banking, cheque or etc.
Shopping Cart
Shipping Options - Table Rate to offer choice to visitors
Sales Analytics Reports - Shopping Behaviour, Checkout Behaviour, Product Performance, Sales Performance etc.
Marketing Campaigns (Coupons, Discounts, Promotions etc.)
Email Notification System for Orders
Facebook Customer Registration & Reviews & Comments
Multi-Currency & Multi language
Catalog Management System
Customer Reviews
Customer Account Management (History of Orders, Profile Details, Billing Address etc.)
Cross selling of related and complementary products
Search-engine optimized architecture
 Multiple Images for each product with zoom capabilities


*The above is a table of list of features that we offer depending on the client's requirements and budget. The list is non-exhaustive so if you have a feature you require that is not on the above list, speak to us about it.
As features will be tailored for each website's requirements, some of them will not be applicable. Our ecommerce projects are feature rich and will be able to meet your expanding operations.

Call us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote. Or provide us with a competitor's quote and we will beat it by 10%.

Find Out About the MRA, IVC and PIC Website Grants in Singapore

All of our clients who are eligible under the various schemes had 100% success in claiming for their websites cost, software development cost, employee training cost, ecommerce, e-procurement systems, CRMS, SEO etc. under the following relevant PIC, ICV and MRA Grants.

PIC GrantICV GrantMRA Grant


PIC is used mainly for corporate and all other websites, software development costs and employee training costs:

Have you tapped on your PIC Grant for your IT purchases or training expenditure?

Under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC Grant) scheme, your business can enjoy:

The tax benefits are available from the Years of Assessment (YAs) 2011 to 2018, for investments in website development and employee training under Acquisition or Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment or Employee Training Scheme respectively:

From YA 2014 to YA 2018
PIC benefits can be claimed on capital expenditure incurred on developing a website, including costs incurred for the one-time registration of a domain name for the website.

SME's can enjoy substantial tax savings in the form of cash payout or tax deduction when they invest in either the Acquisition or Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment or Employee Training Scheme.

Qualifying Conditions:

  • Employ 3 local Employees with CPF Contributions
  • Active Business Operations with Sales in Singapore.

If you are unsure about your eligibility or have any questions on PIC, please feel free to contact us.

Download PIC Brochure

Take advantage of a grant today

PIC Grants Singapore

As introduced in Budget 2014, the PIC+ scheme is an enhancement of the existing PIC scheme , and will take effect from YA2015 to 2018. Under the new PIC+ scheme, qualifying SMEs can look forward to an increased expenditure cap of S$600,000 (up from S$400,000) for each of the six qualifying activities per YA. This means that SMEs that have hit the combined cap of S$1.2 million can now claim tax deductions for up S$1.8 million.


This voucher is most suitable for clients who would like to have  software that enhances productivity.

Spring ICV Grant - Innovation & Capability Voucher at a Glance

The Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) is a simple to apply, easy-to-use voucher valued at $5,000, to encourage SMEs to take their first step towards capability development. SMEs can use the voucher to upgrade and strengthen their core business operations through consultancy in the areas of innovation, productivity, human resources and financial management. Apart from consultancy, Spring ICV Grant also supports SMEs in the adoption and implementation of simple solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity. SMEs can use the Spring ICV Grant to implement productivity solutions under the supportable cost categories of (i) equipment & hardware, (ii) technical solutions & training, (iii) design & renovation. Each SME is entitled to a maximum of eight vouchers. Each ICV project must be completed before the submission of a new application. The duration for each project should not exceed six months.

This voucher is most suitable for clients who would like to have software that enhances productivity.
The following table highlights the areas that we specialise in:




Supportable Components 

1.   Point-of-Sales
(POS) System
The system automates processes in tracking of inventory and sales transactions. The system is also able to generate sales report and provides insights on the company’s customers and into the store’s best-selling products.          POS system, hardware (barcode scanner, receipt printer etc.) and related software.
 2. Mobile Ordering and Payment System The system is a total solution that ranges from order taking to payment. The mobile ordering system facilitates the ordering of products, items and inventory through the use of a mobile device, thereby resulting in increased productivity and reduction in manpower. Customer billing and payment system is an integral part of the solution.        Hardware (smart devices etc.), related software, on-boarding services and customisation, and related training.
3. Inventory Management
The system automates inventory management, monitors stock availability and streamlines transaction data entries. Inventory reports provide information on stock movements and their current status. Software, hardware (bar code scanner etc.), on-boarding services and customisation, related training and subscription cost (up to 2 years).
 4. E-Procurement Management System This is an all-in-one procurement system for buyers and suppliers to enable a seamless electronic execution of supply delivery, ordering, goods receipt, and invoice generation. Software system, on-boarding services and customisation, related training and subscription cost (up to 2 years).



All local SMEs can apply for Spring ICV Grant if they meet the following criteria:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Have group annual turnover of not more than $100 million OR group employment size of not more than 200 employees

If you are unsure about your eligibility or have any questions on Spring ICV Grant, please feel free to contact us.

All of our clients who are eligible under this scheme had 100% success in claiming for their Spring ICV Grant vouchers.

Download ICV Brochure

There are also Various Other Grants Available for SEO or Website Design

spring icv grant


This voucher is most suitable for clients who would like to use SEO for market expansion as well as increase awareness of your company brand regionally

Have you tapped on your MRA Grant to improve your website ranking on google, yahoo using SEO?

From IE Singapore:

mra grant singapore

mra grant seo

What is the financial support?

  • 70 % of the eligible cost for activities listed above, capped at S$20,000 per company per fiscal year
  • Maximum of two applications per fiscal year, starting on 1 April and ending on 31 March the following year

Who can apply?

SMEs that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Global HQ anchored in Singapore
  • Annual turnover of less than S$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report

If you are unsure about your eligibility or have any questions on MRA, please feel free to contact us.

Download MRA Grant Brochure

An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they still can't see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users. Use ICV, MRA and PIC Grants & Enjoy Maximum Potential that the internet can bring to your business.

Use PIC ICV MRA Grants & Enjoy Maximum Potential that the internet can bring to your business.

pic website grant singapore

Choose from 100+ Template Designs or custom make your own preferred template design at no additional cost. Alternatively, we can provide you with a sample of 10 websites that are relevant to your industry and you can choose the design from there.


Why Choose Us

      • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
      • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase important content
      • Unlimited color options with a backed color picker, including the gradients
      • Multiple layout options for home pages, portfolio section & blog section
      • Best Price Guarantee! – Get the best quality for the best pricing
      • Scalable – Be able to add more features in future easily
      • Learn how to edit your content, images easily
      • User friendly websites for easy navigation and an enjoyable experience
      • Light Fast Loading Websites which will not consume too much data.

What Client’s Say

“Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I needed my website to be done really quickly and they were able to do it up within a week. The video demos were great and have helped me to maintain my website easily. In fact everything has been perfect so far. This is by far the most well supported website and Arts of Maya are one of the best web design companies I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Lots of wonderful options. Thanks again for the great support and for a great service.”
Edwin, Party Guru
“If I could give 100 stars for support and attention to detail I definitely would. I’ve engaged a good number of website services from various developers but after you buy them you find numerous problems, bugs, crazy admin and very very poor support. I engaged Arts of Maya and everytime I have a query or need help with the website, they have always helped me. The guys were remarkable – I really mean this. The speed of support and attention to detail is quite phenomenal. If you are considering engaging them then take it from me, you will be extremely pleased. “
“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great work and website services. I’m finding new ways to improve it every day and find that it’s been the most user-friendly website I’ve ever purchased.  The video demos removes all the worry, hassles, frustration and angst and makes it easy for us to maintain our website. “
website services singapore