Don’t be an easy target. Website Security is Our Job!

One of the biggest issues with CMS is that it is susceptible to virus and hackers attack. Many website companies fail to provide even the most basic protection for their clients website and confidential data, therefore making themselves very vulnerable to attacks. It is critical to make sure that your website is safe from viruses otherwise it would be a big blow to your company’s reputation. Engage us to fool proof your site from such attacks.

We will implement strong website security features to protect both your database as well as all other data.

Our services also include doing full backups including the database of your website into a cloud server, dropbox or disk for you to store.

Website security singaporeA rundown of the security services we provide:

  • Backup & store full copy of website on an external server. (Cloud, Dropbox or Disk)
  • Restoring of website from backup.
  • Clean & Secure Hacked Website
  • Test security of website for vulnerabilities
  • Secure Website with rock solid security measures
  • Securely install New CMS Site
  • Secure your website from spammers etc.

Let us know the type of website security you require.

We are experts in website security protection.