video demoWe will teach you via free video demos on how to do basic editing of your website so as to keep the content fresh and upload images on galleries easily. These videos are customized specially for your website. It will be posted on a private link on youtube where only users with the link are able to see the video. These links will be valid for a month where users can download these videos.

The following are the usual demos that we provide to all our clients:

  • Editing Articles / Pages
  • Adding Images
  • Adding Links
  • Adding Images to Gallery
  • Adding Projects to Portfolio
  • Adding Users
  • Embedding Videos into articles

For E-Commerce: the following additional video demos will be provided.

  • Adding Products
  • Editing Products, Prices, Description, Stock level etc.
  • Checking, Editing, Adding, Deleting Customers , Orders etc.
  • Adding¬† / Editing Payment Gateways

Other video demos can be requested for as long as they are within the scope of the project. Please discuss with one of our consultants your requirements. 

We can also provide specialized video demos tailored to show you how to edit a particular feature.