Create an E-Commerce Website in Singapore

Let us turn transform your website and boost sales with the many features packed into our E-Commerce Package.

Some Of The Many Features Included In Our E-Commerce Package

  • Order Management

  • Catalogue / Product Mgmt

  • Sale Discount Features

  • Coupon Specials Campaigns

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Various Payment Gateways

  • Varied Shipping Options

  • Cust. Relationship Mgmt (CRM)

  • Inventory Management

  • E-Commerce Design Integration

  • Configure Tax Settings (If applicable)

  • Multi Currency Conversion

  • Rock Solid Security Integration

  • Shopping Cart

  • Checkout with guest account option

  • FAQs Section

  • Content Mgmt System (CMS)

  • Built In Analystics System

  • Multiple Images / Zooming

  • Wishlist Options

  • Email Notifier / Invoice Generator

  • Inventory Management

  • Share Buttons / Social Integration

  • Optimized For Speed & SEO

Full Design Integration for Your E-Commerce Website

Need an online shop? No problem, Arts of Maya will assist to integrate e-commerce and turn your website into a powerful selling machine with all features from order collections, payment gateways, CRM & much, much more to your existing website. Let your e-commerce website be both a selling machine as well as an information gateway for your business. You can run other features / functions on other pages of your website making it both informative as well as interactive.

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Why Its Integral to Put Your Business Online?

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Recover Lost Sales

You are missing out on so much sales opportunities without having your brand online.  Your online competitors are capturing your share of the market and taking away your customers without being physically present.
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Low Start Up Cost

The monthly rent starts from 1000s for a 5sqm shop. The renovation costs, opportunity costs and the wages to pay just for a person to be present at the shop even with no walk-ins. Remove these monthly incurring costs with an online shop.
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Work from home

Alot of our clients especially women are able to enjoy great bonding time with their children whilst running a successful business online. They work at their own pace and time and are also able to earn good income with the right marketing techniques.
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Global Market

Reach customers based overseas. Grow your brand internationally and grab your overseas share. It will also be a great avenue for potential markets for distributors, suppliers, manufacturers who may be of great value to your business.
pic and icv ecommerce grants

PIC / ICV / MRA Grant

The SG government recognizes that online is the way to go and to encourage businesses to get online and vie internationally, businesses are offered an e-commerce grant in Singapore for huge savings to reduce the cost of investing on an online platform. Grab it before it is gone.
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24 Hour Virtual Shop

Your customers can shop online 24/7. Enjoy your weekends and time with family without the hassles of having the need to be physically present to manage the shop. Customers will also enjoy it as they are able to browse at their own pace.
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Brand /Sales Growth

Even if you have a physical store, it is critical to be online. Customers leaving good reviews will entice others to trust in your product and build your sales. Word of mouth from strangers has never been stronger. Stay connected.
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Customer Database / Loyalty

You will not only capture the details of your customers and their preference but whenever there is a new product launch, you can broadcast it to all your existing customers in a flash. Retain their patronage with loyalty coupons and keep increasing your sales!
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Sales / Product Analytics

Track your sales growth as well as movement of your products. Find out with a few clicks how your products are faring and which are slow moving. This seamless integration will make your company not only a success but make it easy to run your business efficiently.

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  Ecommerce Titanium Package Co. ECommerce Package A
Includes all the above e-commerce features ecommerce website ecommerce website 
Up to 20 Page Website ecommerce website singapore ecommerce website services 
Free 1 Year Webhosting.
($120 per yr afterwhish)
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Free 1 Year Domain Name ecommerce website  ecommerce website
30 Free Royalty Free Images ecommerce website ecommerce website 
Free Logo Design (Choose from 3 options) ecommerce website ecommerce website in singapore
Customized Video Demos ecommerce website  ecommerce website 
Personal Training Session ecommerce website company singapore ecommerce website agency 
1 month free web maintenance ecommerce website  ecommerce website agency singapore 
Social Accounts Integration ecommerce website  ecommerce website 
Free 5 Homepage Banners ecommerce website  ecommerce website 
Govt Grant Available ecommerce website  ecommerce website
SEO Package  – ecommerce website 
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