Custom Management System Software


Our Custom Management System Software was built in mind to fit the needs and requirements for each business type. All the functions can be customised to fit all your companies requirements. Our system gives you complete control to manage your entire business and greatly improve your productivity at a click of a few buttons.

Our Custom Management System Software consists of the following software:

  • Customer Relationship Management System Software
  • Inventory and Stock Management System Software
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Invoice Generation Software
  • Booking System Software – Appointment, Rentals, Services etc.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Software

Our CRM system is packed with powerful features which can greatly boost your company sales and also able to help you identify what are the best marketing techniques and understand your customers’ preference better. You can not only gather vital information on what are the best selling products but you can also eliminate carrying the products that are not popular with your customers and brings down your store’s attractiveness. 


Our powerful CRM system software can handle your customers’ full details including their address, records of all their purchases, their shopping patterns etc. Our system has the capacity to store thousands of customers details.

Import & Export

Filter through your customers as you like and quickly export them into a CSV File. You can filter base on sales status, products etc.

Customer Notes – Calls & Emails Log

Calls and Emails can be logged to easily manage your customers and so that all your staff would be able to note the latest activity of conversations between your customer.  And staff.

Track & Send Emails

Send email individually or in bulk to customers, and then track the emails that are sent using the Activity Page.


Create dynamic and static groups out of your customers for easy customer management and analysis. Dynamic groups can be created based on spending rules, order dates and other attributes

Email Lists

Create email lists easily for marketing and advertising purposes. Our system is able to integrate with MailChimp.

Financial Activity

View financial activity of customers at a glance. View their total spent, total number of orders and when the last time they made a purchase at your store.


Inventory and Stock Management System Software

Our Inventory and Stock Management System Software will help you have full control of your inventory so that you can easily find out within minutes the stock quantity that you have for each product and also to be notified of your low stock products so that you can quickly order them before they are out of stock thereby losing potential customer sales. You can also use this system to find out which products you are holding a lot of stock for so that you can better manage your inventory and storage by not over ordering on products that you already have a lot of.


Our powerful Inventory & Stock Management system software greatly helps in managing inventory when carrying a physical product is an excellent idea to ensure that you do not oversell more product than you have in inventory.

Filter products easily

You can filter products by type, category, stock manage or stock status.

Import & Export

Easily update stock quantity using CSV. You can also download all your products’ stock details into a CSV file for easy reference.


You can also set backorder status option. his This option will determine if customers will be able to purchase an item if it is out of inventory.

Be Notified by low count of stock

If a product’s stock quantity is below a marked threshold, an auto generated email will be sent to the admin to notify them of the low stock quantity. This enables you to take action and stock up on popular products quickly so that you do not end up losing potential sales due to out of order. Low stock indicator to allow you to know straight away what is in low stock to take immediate action.

Easy Stock Management

Allows your staff to manage stock for products and their variables from one screen. Allows to update your stock inventory and variants sizes very quickly, displaying everything within one screen

Live update

Adjust your stock for any of the products (including variants), so your current stock is adjusted without effecting the inventory even if the users are purchasing the item and going through checkout already


Online Payment Gateway

It is important to arm your online store with a reliable payment system so that your customers do not face any issues with not being able to complete their purchase. Also it is extremely important to protect your clients’ confidential payment data so that it is not compromised by hackers etc. It is essential to have payment support for every customer who buy from you. Having a complete information about your customers where they are originated is beneficial in success of the products, services you are selling. We integrate Paypal payment system with our online system.


Add PayPal as a payment option to any checkout with Express Checkout. Express Checkout offers the ease of convenience and security of PayPal, can be set up in minutes and can turn more shoppers into buyers.

Major Credit Cards

Accepts all major credit cards – including Mastercard, Visa, Diners, American express etc.


Paypal does not share your full financial info. And PayPal Purchase Protection covers your eligible purchases.

Faster Checkout

Customers can bypass guest checkout pages to avoid entering billing and shipping information.

No Setup fees

Get started quickly with no setup fees

PayPal Express Checkout is integrated with most major shopping carts. Plus, you only start paying when you start receiving payments.

Low Fees

Paypal normally charges around 4% of the whole transaction cost + 0.50.

Quick Checkout

By allowing your customers to make paypal payment under checkout, you do not have to wait for them to deposit into their bank account and some customers may be putoff if the only option is through internet banking thereby increasing the number of steps for them to complete a purchase. Some customers may end up changing their minds. Its better and faster to lock the sale in by integrating paypal into the checkout process. 


Invoice Generation System Software

Invoicing can be time consuming. Well, not anymore! Our Invoice Generation System Software automates the invoicing process by generating PDF Invoices instantly and sending it to your customers. Both your staff and your customer will be notified by emails of any purchases as soon as they are made online.


Our Invoice Generation System software allows you to easily print invoices, single order packing lists, and multi-order pick lists for orders right from the orders listing page. You can print individual orders, or bulk print invoices, packing, or pick lists with a couple clicks. This is a very useful timesaver to help you package and ship orders, and it lets you include invoices with policies in your shipments.

Order Numbering

Order numbering or built-in sequential invoice numbering. Makes it easier for your company to manage the invoices.

Stores data copy of the invoices

Incase your customer would like another copy of the invoice, you can instantly check on your backend and regenerate and resend PDF invoices to customer

Personalised Invoice with Delivery Notes

You can print out invoices and delivery notes for the orders. You can also edit the Company/Shop name, Company/Shop postal address and also add personal notes, conditions/policies (like a refund policy) and a footer imprint.

Bulk print invoices based on filtered dates

Bulk print invoices and delivery notes


Booking System Software – Appointment, Rentals, Services etc.

Create and manage your appointments and reservations online with our booking system software. Schedule an appointment and book for a haircut, massage, accommodation, events, fitness, lesson, meeting, parking, rental, taxi, teacher, tickets and hundreds of other services. Whether you’re running a real estate agency, car rental, hotel… our booking system software is the ideal solution for your business.


Bookings are recorded in your backend. Manage each booking as an order where you can send invoices for unpaid bookings, approve or deny a booking or simply view the entire record. Separate view of bookings shown as they are made with full details of who made them along with any custom form fields data and extras included during booking. Additionally calendar view of bookings is also included.

Backend Bookings Creationg

Create bookings from your backend and send these out to your customers.

Unlimited booking projects.

Each project has it’s own unique options that make up a booking calendar, which you can add on any page or post so that your customers can book online

Unlimited service providers.

A service provider can manage their booking project in your backend. Each service provider can additionally sync bookings (one-way) to their google calendar profile.

Analysis / Quick Overview

Stats page for a quick overview of your bookings and summary information. Service providers too get a stats page to view summary data on a project they manage.

Confirm bookings

Automatically confirm bookings as they are made or manually confirm bookings one at a time. Your customer will be notified when a booking is confirmed.what is in low stock to take immediate action.

Calendar View

Control how your calendar functions by selecting a calendar mode: Popup, Inline, Range or Nextday checkout or Events.

Quantity elements

Quantity elements allow you to allow customers chose a quantities that have varying costs. Quantity can also be finite i.e. as a quantity is selected, it will get deducted from the total quantity you have setup for a day, time slot or entire booking period.

Each software will be further customised to fit your business needs as not all the above software in the package may be applicable to your business. Video demos on how to manage your system will be provided plus a One to One 1hour personal coaching session with our staff at your preferred location. Manuals will also be provided for each of the systems so that you can easily refer to the system that you would like more guidance on.