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  • website development singaporeDo not miss out on one of the most powerful and most affordable marketing tools available to businesses.
  • Nowadays, most customers go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase.
  • Establish Credibility as a Business and build your brand.
  • Reach worldwide! Cast your net wider and become an international company with easy access to potential markets.
  • It will be much easier for your customers and suppliers to reach you. As well as new opportunities.
  • Edge out your competitors by standing out!
  • With the right marketing tools and content information, your sales and company brand will be guaranteed to grow.
  • It is very very affordable! and cheaper than most other marketing tools.

Why Arts of Maya?

  • Over hundreds of websites done to date with many referrals & repeat development
  • Very attractive pricing. We offer best price guarantee. We will beat any quote by 10%!*
    • Therefore we are guaranteed cheapest!
  • We use Content Management Systems (CMS) –  enabling you to easily update and manage your web contents.
  • Customised video demos will be provided for you to learn how to manage/edit your own website. Video demos are much more effective than 1 to 1 training as you are able to refer to the steps at your own pace and you can refer back to them even after years have passed.
  • Robust and user friendly websites. You can easily scale your website in future to add more features.
  • Replicate any website so you can get exactly what you want with also the modifications that you would like.
  • Responsive Web Design: Customers can access your website, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone easily.
  • Integrate social marketing tools such as facebook, twitter, instagram onto your website.
  • Expert Web Designers – Our specialization is building informative functional websites.
  • Quick Turn Around Time – We can complete your website within 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Pay in Phases – We split the payments into 3 or 4 phases.
    • This allows you to see the progress of your website before you make your next payment (apart from deposit)
    • Website will be built on a sandbox site first so that clients can see the progress of their website.
  • Best Quality Service – We believe in customer satisfaction is key for our company so we strive to meet all our clients needs.
  • Singapore Based Website Designers – All our designers/developers are singapore based. So if you have any questions, they will be able to assist you easily.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search-engine friendly Web pages.
  • Platform Compatibility – Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome & Safari

The importance of having a website for any business

Virtual Sales Force Work 24/7 Save Money Grow Your Audience  Answer Questions
Virtual Salesman to generate leads and increase sales revenue. Studies show that a well designed website with informative content has resulted in greater sales. A business that is online every second of every year. You do not have to actively manage it and be online all the time.  Let your website advertise for you. Cheap renewal cost. Very low maintenance fee. You only have to pay yearly renewal of webhosting and domain. There is no other hidden charges. Access international markets / customers without the need to travel there. Clients / suppliers can search for you online and offer you better deals. This is an excellent platform to inform the world who you are and what you do. You can showcase your products and also inform how visitors can contact you.

website development company singapore

The internet has become the most powerful marketing tools in the modern age, and should be an essential part of any strategy seeking growth for a business. One major reason for this is the ease of which users can find what they are looking for — whether it be through a search engine like Google or Yahoo, looking up reviews on a reputable Singapore directory or seeing what friends recommend on social media. Even if a customer doesn’t want to make a purchase, they will often look online for research purposes.

Website development can also be effective in the way it establishes brand authority for your business. By now, most medium to large businesses have a website, so customers will often assume that you have one too. However, there are still a large number of small businesses with no online presence that are missing out on the fantastic marketing opportunity. If a potential customer sees that you don’t have a website, you may begin to lose credibility when compared to competitors and struggle to secure the sale.

In addition to credibility, you can also put yourself on a level playing field with larger competitors. When customers search for services online, there is less emphasis placed on the size of the business and more placed on the quality of content. If you use the right strategies, there is no reason that you can’t rank higher than big companies in Google search results.

Money is one of the major reasons that many small businesses still operate without a website. However, you might be surprised that going online doesn’t have to break the bank. Even if you are on a tight budget, a simple website with clear and concise information is all you need to provide a valuable boost to your marketing campaign.

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website development singapore

Website Features (non-exhaustive list)

website features singaporeThe following are features that are popular with customers and can be included in the website. This is a non-exhaustive list. Speak to us on the features that you would like to implement on your website.

Adding / Editing / Deleting / Formatting of Articles / Pages / Testimonials / Menus

Fixing websites: Coding / Errors / Viruses / Hacks / Plugins / Modules/ Broken Links

Adding new functions (Appointment or Facilities Booking App, Forums, Membership Sites, Classified Ads etc.

Suffering from slow Loading Websites? Let Us Fix It

Create Forms to collect information / orders /Polls/ Surveys etc. Can incl Paypal / Pymt

Adding / editing of images / royalty free images / graphic design / banners/ video creation & marketing

Adding an e-shop / ecommerce to your existing website

Integration of Social Network Modules to your Website : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Social Marketing: Facebook Likes, Youtube Views, Likes, Shares, Reviews

Create a PDF Catalogue / Display Certificates / Showcase of Events

Changing existing website platform from HTML or other CMS platforms to preferred CMS

Email: Configurations / Additions/ Outlook / Backups / Deletions

Updating or Installing Plugins / Modules / Themes / Templates

Advertising on other platforms: classifieds, gumtree, craigslist, ebay sg, and other business portals

Implementation of security features - backups / restore/ sql protection

Don't worry if the service you require is not on the list. We offer all kinds of web maintenance in Singapore, so just call or email us at with your requirements and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.