Web development does not end with having a nice website design. You will have to keep your website updated by adding articles, other content and making sure that all the features are working properly. This will not only help to engage your customers better but also help with Google SEO Rankings.

Arts of Maya provides Web Maintenance Service that you will find integral for your website needs . We have a whole list of website features that can be implemented at short notice. Arts of Maya is here to serve and guide you in every step of the way. Web design Experts, Arts of Maya, are one of the few web maintenance specialists in Singapore

We provide effective web maintenance packages that range from repair of obsolete functions to introduction of new features. We have provided maintenance packages for all type of websites including those that were not initially built by us.

It is extremely important to maintain your website regularly as fresh sites will receive more traffic. Moreover, if your website is infected with a virus or is down, it is extremely integral to fix the issue as soon as possible as it will reflect badly on your company. We also provide security solutions to build up the resistance of your company’s website to attacks by virus, hackers, malware etc.

Arts of Maya is a web design company that provides website maintenance services if you need one. It has been providing professional web maintenance to many Singapore Corporate Companies for the past 5 years. It serves all sizes of companies from SME’s to MNCs to non-profit organizations.

The following are some of the web maintenance features that we provide:

  • Edit, update or add web content, including products, images and pages.
  • Adding meta tags
  • Updating products
  • Adding/editing/deleting banners and pages
  • Updating the latest promotions and news or announcements
  • Updating photo gallery images
  • Updating blog articles and blog posts
  • Adding YouTube videos
  • No limitation on the content to be updated
  • This list is non-exhaustive.

We are flexible with the type of maintenance that you would like us to do. Just contact us and let us know what you require and we will advise you accordingly.


Arts of Maya offers affordable and reasonable cost for each web maintenance project. At the same time, we also ensure that there will be fast support and excellent customer service. In this way, both our clients as well as us can both benefit from every project.

You can get contact us to get more details about the cost or price of other specific web design projects. The customer support representatives would love to serve you and give the kind of service you deserve.

Why engage Arts of Maya’s Web Maintenance Service?

Arts of Maya has been offering value for money and holistic service for the past six years to Singapore companies. All staff members are based in Singapore and each of them offer instant and reliable support as required by our clients. Our customers can attest to the high standards of our web maintenance services.

Our team members are web design experts with great skills who will be able to resolve your website issues quickly. Consult Arts of Maya to see if we can meet your needs and resolve your problems. One thing is for sure: you will receive high level of satisfaction and professional output in the end. Your time and money will never be wasted.