So you have now decided to build a website for your company but you have absolutely no idea the kind of content or even where to start. Don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of our clients have advised us that this is one of their biggest hurdles, aside from time, in starting up a website. However that should not stand in your way in stopping you from having a website as it is absolutely essential for all companies, in this era, to be online so that you can stay connected to your clients. Your website is where you can make the first impression to visitors. It will not only be the face of your brand but will also serve as a very cost efficient and effective market platform, sales tool, customer support centre amongst others.

Here are some tips to get your customers attention and get them to stay on your website and read what you offer

Tip 1: Be relevant (especially on your landing page). – In this fast paced world, if your customer googles up a keyword and gets on your website but does not understand what you are offering within the first 3 minutes, he is going to close your page and go on to the next result. So you need to make sure that they know from the get go what services exactly you are offering.

They don’t read. They Skim.

Tip 2: Get to the point. – Visitors normally skim through the website so be concise. Do not use too much fluff.

Great Website ContentTip 3: Use Images, Videos – Increase the page’s visual appeal by using relevant images. Video marketing is actually very reasonably priced and brings in a much more creative element to your page.
(We also provide video marketing and royalty free images which are excellent tools for marketing, so remember to check it out. They are very cost effective.)

Tip 4: Write Confidently– Think exactly what the purpose of the website should be. You know your company better than others as well as the type of customers you cater to. So think from their point, the kind of information they would want to see to stay on your website.

Tip 5: Cater to your Audience / Target Market – Write professionally as it will enhance your company’s image. Do not be too informal unless you are targeting for a younger market segment.

Tip 6: User friendly Web Design & Site Map – Map out how you want the look of your website to be and outline what information your website needs to have. It must be categorized in a way that it is easy for the user to quickly glance over and comprehend and you will also get an idea what content you need to come up with.

Tip 7: Engage Copy Writers – Copy writers are especially useful if you really don’t have the time and would prefer someone else to come up with the content. Not only the content written will be written to capture the audience’s atttention but it will also be SEO optimised so that your Google rankings will increase. (Speak to us on copywriting services)

Now is a great time for you to embark to get your company online. If you are a Singapore based company, there are many grants out there that will be very useful for you and help to ease the cost of engaging a web design company. You can contact us for a free consultation on the web grants such as PIC Scheme, MRA or ICV and see which grant would be most suitable for you.