Your website is the face of your company before your potential customers, clients, business partners or investors meet you. You need to make sure it represents a professional image and projects the right identity of your company.

Here are 10 tips to help you get moving in the right direction when you are designing your website.

  1. Good Relevant Content: The information on your website is extremely important as first impression matters and you need to capture the attention of your website’s visitors before they close the window. The best way is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what information that your website needs to have.
  2. Professional Web Design: Do not make your website look cluttered or done by an amateur. Have a professional design company like Arts of Maya build it for you. Design matters. One way to capture your clients attention is for the design to have a clean, user-friendly and easy to navigate site. You can project an image that your company is much bigger than others just by having a very professional website even if you are a 1 man show. The price of engaging a professional web company to design your website is very affordable and most probably one of the best investments you can make for your company.
  3. Images / Videos – Get relevant images with great resolution so that your website does not look cheap. There are many royalty free images you can purchase from. Invest in some graphics. They are much cheaper than you think and they greatly enhance the professional look of your website.
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  4. Corporate WebsitesFast loading websites: Make sure your website does not lag or take too long to open. Visitors will deem it too slow and move on to the next search result. Keep your website light. Having a good webhost is key as there are many webhosts around that exceed their resources therefore causing your website to load slowly.
  5. Responsive: A lot of web visitors now use their mobile devices such as Tablets, Ipads, Mobile Phones etc to surf. So make sure that your website is responsive and appears exactly the way you want it. Many big corporations have failed in this area and are scrambling to fix it as it is a huge dent to their reputation.
  6. Security: Unfortunately there are a lot of spammers, viruses and hackers trying to break your website for no good reason. It is integral for all websites to have security features in place to ensure that they don’t become victims for such acts. Imagine if one of your competitors suffer such a consequence and think how embarrassing it will be for them. Trust Us, you wouldn’t want to be in their place.
  7. Backups: You never know when your website may be hacked. Even the most secure servers are still vulnerable to such attacks. So make sure you have backups so that you don’t lose all your data and are able to restore your website quickly. Many corporate websites have failed to do backups and have had to start from scratch costing them alot of time and money. Backup both your database as well as the files and folders regularly. Prevention is better than fixing.
  8. SEO: Search engine optimization is key. Make sure that the site is optimized with your chosen keywords. It can do wonders to boost sales of your company if done correctly and is a very well worthy investment to make. Organic SEO is best even though it would take a longer time. For immediate results, there is google adwords but it may be quite expensive and is more suitable in the short run than in the long run. For Singapore Companies, do look into MRA Grant on how you can get back up to 70% of your SEO Investment.
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  9. Review / Testimonials / Social Media: A lot of visitors are turning to reviews from friends or even strangers before they make any decisions. Therefore it is important to feature testimonials from customers who have been happy with your service as it will enhance the trust and your company’s reputation. At the same time, it is extremely important to provide good service to your visitors as bad reviews can do major damage to your brand’s identity.
  10. Tracking Use free services such as Google Analytics to see details of your visitors such as number of hits, location, time spent on pages, etc. This can help you see how useful your website is and also points out the areas that you may need to improve.